Wooden Block Set - 200 Pieces

Award Winning Kapla Blocks available in the USA! Simple in design. Kapla Blocks are easy enough for a toddler, advanced enough so structures can really resemble the Eiffel Tower. All is possible with Kapla's Pine Planks because they are made in a 1:3:5 ratio that is perfect for building a variety of stable structures. With Kapla planks you don't need glue or tape, just let gravity do the work. One simple shape. So precisely cut unlike ordinary building blocks, pieces adjoin perfectly for incredible stability-even successful in bearing weight!

Kapla blocks are certified green from renewable forest of Marine pine near the Bordeaux region of France. An instruction booklet describing techniques and models is included in every box. Great for individual or group games and projects. 200 Pieces

Includes: 200 natural planks measuring 4.5" x 1.0" x .25", each.

Vendor: Kapla

Ages: 3 years+

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