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It started with a trip

Mollybee Kids is a family-owned business located in central Pennsylvania. We have two young children, who are also the family's toy testers! We were inspired to start Mollybee Kids after returning from a trip to Europe where we were impressed with the well-designed, unique, and durable toys that we saw there. Our goal was to bring the same quality to products designed and sold in the US. To date, we have created 15 kids' products that stimulate learning and imagination through beautiful and playful design. Many new products are coming soon!

Toddler Scavenger Hunt Cards

A perfect first game for little ones! Toddler Scavenger Hunt cards contain 20 double-sided sturdy cards that provide simple, satisfying questions and prompts to guide your toddler. Playing with the cards builds vocabulary and increases confidence and encourages toddlers to explore the world around them.